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After finishing his playing days in Southern Louisiana, Marty had a great opportunity to complete his degree in Physical Education and then continue to get a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion while working as a coach at Southeastern Louisiana University. In 1991 he returned home and was able to work under Canadian Hall of Fame coach John Haar at the National Baseball Institute while he obtained his level IV NCCP certification through the Coaching Association of Canada. In his tenure with the Coaching Association of Canada he had the opportunity to work with a number of elite coaches from a number of MLB clubs along with those in the Nutritional and Strength and fitness field. The move home allowed Marty to stay in the game as a coach with the Canadian National team and now as the Western Canadian Scout with the Milwaukee Brewers Baseball club.





A former player that grew up and played his minor baseball in Burnaby, B.C. and had the opportunity to go on and play college baseball in Washington State at Olympic college where he became an all-state infielder. From there he ventured to the deep south and played at Southeastern Louisiana University. Since his playing days Marty was a coach with at the National Baseball Institute, the Canadian National team in which he was on the team that played in the 2004 Olympic games in Athens, Greece and is presently the Western Canadian Scout for the Milwaukee Brewers and owner operator of the Big League Experience Baseball Camp.



Big League Experience Baseball Camp (BLE)


The BLE is one of the longest running, and most notable residential baseball camps in North America. Under the direction of Washington State Hall of Fame player and coach Dale Parker, and Oliver resident Don Coy, the camp was brought to fruition in 1960. The goal of the camp was to continue the legacy of Parker and Coy; offering a camp that teaches young men and boys how to play the game of baseball in a professional manner and provide them with an experience that gives the game the respect it truly deserves.” The camp objectives expand beyond the playing field and are meant to influence all aspects of life – The reason for the use of the word “Experience” used in the company name.

Teach leadership through experience.

Teach the value of good team sportsmanship.

Focus on the assessment and development of each individual player.

Give players an improved sense of self-discipline and ability to self-assess.

Share a passion for the game of baseball.

In addition to summer baseball camps, the Big League Experience hosts a number of quality baseball tournaments as well as offer player/coach baseball clinics under the banner “BLE Super Clinics” during the spring months as well as a girl’s fastpitch summer camps under the Okanagan Softball Camps banner.



Have a great season and most of all have fun.



Marty Lehn



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