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Strength, Conditioning and Prevention Training for the Thrower

I recently had the opportunity to attend a workshop at Inside Performance (IP) Baseball in North Vancouver on the topic of “Strength and Conditioning for the Baseball Player”.  The workshop was put on by two true professionals in Graeme Lehman

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“Coach, I think I just pulled my hammy!”

Baseball players deal with a lot of different injuries over a long season filled with ups and downs.  Most of the time, we focus nearly all of our energy on the elbow, shoulder and thoracic spine but a common and

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Catching 101 with Ex Major Leaguer and former Arizona D-Back catching Co coordinator Bob Didier

Coach Didier was known in his playing days to be one of the better defensive catchers and has put together a 7 minute video for you review that touches on a “Catchers Throwing Program”. Bob’s Bio Coach Bob Didier is

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This tubing exercise will make me throw harder, right?

The most common exercise I see at the ballpark these days is one which players refer to as their “tubing exercise”.  It’s great to see maintenance and “prehab” exercises being involved in a player’s daily routine but there are still

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Turning Baseball’s Double Play

Posted on May 27, 2013 by Marty Lehn • 0 Comments Langley Blaze Turning the Double play Set up and Footwork around the bag. Baseball Strategy 101 – As an infielder, “I live for this”. Man on 1st/1st and 2nd

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Coaches Corner Pleased To Introduce Our Coaching Expert – Marty Lehn

      Professional/Academic:   After finishing his playing days in Southern Louisiana, Marty had a great opportunity to complete his degree in Physical Education and then continue to get a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion while

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“It’s definitely my Rotator Cuff…”

Around the baseball world we commonly hear players, coaches, parents and spectators make reference to the ‘rotator cuff’.  Has anyone stopped and asked themselves: Do I really know what the ‘rotator cuff’ is and why it’s so important to the

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Arm Safety and Sport Science Contributors Introduced

Peter Francis Professional/Academic Peter is a physiotherapist and his primary practice is located at West 4th Physiotherapy clinic in Vancouver, BC.  He also covers locums at various clinics within the greater Vancouver area and serves as a casual physiotherapist for

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Baseball BC Blog Is Launched!

Baseball BC is very happy to announce the introduction of our new interactive blog speaking about all things baseball related. From Arm Safety and Health to Coaching Tips and Skill Development, we will explore it all here and bring you

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