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Heating Up for the Baseball Season – Warming Up for Baseball

Recently, myself and a colleague, Eric Marriott (Physiomoves/Bodyworks) did a short lecture series for Little Mountain Little League Baseball coaches.  We were graciously hosted by Aart van Gorkum, owner, at Main Street Physiotherapy clinic in Vancouver.  The two-part series included

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Strength, Conditioning and Prevention Training for the Thrower

I recently had the opportunity to attend a workshop at Inside Performance (IP) Baseball in North Vancouver on the topic of “Strength and Conditioning for the Baseball Player”.  The workshop was put on by two true professionals in Graeme Lehman

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“Coach, I think I just pulled my hammy!”

Baseball players deal with a lot of different injuries over a long season filled with ups and downs.  Most of the time, we focus nearly all of our energy on the elbow, shoulder and thoracic spine but a common and

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This tubing exercise will make me throw harder, right?

The most common exercise I see at the ballpark these days is one which players refer to as their “tubing exercise”.  It’s great to see maintenance and “prehab” exercises being involved in a player’s daily routine but there are still

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